About Us

Edafat International Trading Company has grown from the desire of its founders to share with the ice cream and gelato and coffee shops the knowledge gained over the life of this industry, with the aim of selling Italian raw products to ice cream shops, gelato shops and cafes. Edafat company specialized in the sale of Italian raw materials was founded in 2017. Edafat Company plays an important role because of the extensive knowledge of this sector. All of our activities are guided by a simple transparent business philosophy based on the full customer trust relationship, with each of our products as a result of our constant passion, research, and dedication, one of the best known materials bearing the mark "Made in Italy" With ice cream shops, gelato shops and coffee shops all over the world, helping them create successful products that represent real art in terms of taste and tradition.

Our Vision

We want to give all the makers of ice cream shops, gelato shops and cafes in the world our ingredients to spread love from a new product, a masterpiece of excellence that symbolizes the charm of Italian traditions that raise and reward more and more noble skill of ice cream makers, gelato and coffee shops.

Our Goal

We have created good restaurants of ice cream and coffee Shops, then we decided to go further. We believe in continuous research and selection of the best raw materials and the workmanship that allows us to maintain the natural taste to sell the excellent daily products that help to spread the culture around the world for high quality materials

Our message

As a leading food marketing and distribution company,Edafat International seeks to transcend boundaries by exploring innovative and value-added products from reputable brands to meet changing consumer needs and raise the quality of the food market.